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Apprenticeship Training

ABC of Iowa Apprenticeship and Training Trust is the leading construction industry training source providing critical, relevant, and forward-thinking education. We enable ABC of Iowa members to provide their clients the safest, most knowledgeable and professional workforce in an ever-changing industry.

We offer state-of-the-art apprenticeship training which is recognized by the United States Department of Labor Office of Apprenticeship and Veterans Administration as well as by the State of Iowa as a prerequisite for taking the state electrical exam and state plumbing/mechanical exams.

We work with the construction management club at the University of Northern Iowa to provide our apprentices with the learning opportunities and expose them to leadership skills, as well as the technical education, to ensure our apprentices are well-prepared for the demands of the construction industry.

We also provide all fourth-year apprentices an opportunity to compete in the annual Iowa Craft Championship competition, allowing the winner of each trade to advance to the National Craft Championships to compete against the best of the best around the country.