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Leadership Training

Executive Leadership Academy

Leading a successful construction business takes more than a little luck to thrive. Regardless of what is happening in the market, top leaders must strive for continual improvement in all aspects of their business. A strong balance sheet and profitability require hyper focus on such things as operational excellence, talent cultivation/development and savviness in all things business. 

Strategic thinking is something that each business leader must commit themselves to each day to create a successful platform for the long-term. 

Aspiring leaders also must think about how they transition from the day-to-day tactical approach to a longer-range mindset. Ultimately, this program will help equip all leaders with the necessary skills to achieve better results.



Field Leader Bootcamp

The Field Leader Bootcamp is a high-impact, two-day training academy where your employees examine their own talents, their organizations and their processes, develop new skills and transform from talented builders to true construction entrepreneurs.

DAY 1: Productivity & Time Management
DAY 2: Leadership & Management