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State PAC

The ABC of Iowa PAC is set up to support candidates for state office who support merit shop contractors.

Why Is It Important?

The policy set by Iowa's governor and legislators at the state capitol have a direct impact on ABC members as merit shop contractors, small business owners, and taxpayers. Each election year, the stakes get higher and we must be prepared to defend elected officials who have voted to protect the merit shop, keep our taxes low, support trades education and remove barriers to keep Iowa's economy growing. The biggest and most effective tool we have to support these officials, as well as candidates in new districts, is the State PAC.

Payment Requirements: 
ABC of Iowa PAC can only accept donations from personal accounts.
(Corporate contributions are prohibited by state law).

Questions? Contact Sandra Conlin at 515-321-8358.



Support ABC of Iowa PAC and gather as members.

Each Fall, join us for an afternoon of comradery and an opportunity to test your shooting skills while networking with other members, your ABC of Iowa board, staff and associates, as we come together in support of our political advocacy.

Beginners and Sharpshooters are welcome.